The Belt and Road portal launches Russian, French, Spanish and Arabic versions

BEIJING, December 21, 2017

The online news provider of the Belt and Road Initiative launched its Russian, French, Spanish and Arabic versions on December 21 after in-depth research and detailed preparation, in a bid to reach more readers around the globe.

The four versions will be maintained by, a news website affiliated to the People’s Daily and a foreign language services provider.

Websites of the four language versions will be authoritative windows to present news and stories about the Belt and Road Initiative to overseas readers, and to officially release China’s policies and regulations in investment, trade, tax, customs, as well as inspection and quarantine. They will also deliver information on food, consumerism, culture and art of countries and regions along the route.

The four versions will each have a special coverage centered around the initiative, comprehensively introducing the background, history, core mission, content and progress of the initiative proposed by China. The overseas platforms carry the responsibility of providing information and media services about the Belt and Road, and further promoting information connectivity, communication and cooperation between participating countries.

The portal of the Belt and Road was created in March 2017, under the guidance of the National “Belt and Road Initiative” Leading Group Office. It is operated by the State Information Center and technically supported by the Belt and Road State Information Big Data Technologies Co.,Ltd.,, Baidu Cloud, and DBAPP Security. The portal has already run two-language versions in Chinese and English. Owing to steady development and constant innovation, the portal has established an information liaison mechanism involving ministries and ministerial-level departments, as well as 31 provincial-level regions in China. Shaanxi, Guangdong and other places have built Belt and Road websites.

Currently a network of officialnews releases on the program has been preliminarily formed in China. The Belt and Road portal has become an important platform that offers information, explains policies, serves enterprises, people-to-people and cultural exchanges, and presents results of the co-building of the Belt and Road. The website has been well received by domestic and overseas viewers, and was listed as an important fruit of the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation held this May. pledges to better build the website and enhance its influence at home and abroad.

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