SENSEPLAY to be officially unveiled at CES2018

SHENZHEN, China, January 5, 2018

Initiated and led by China-based Sensethink Technology, SENSEPLAY is a product platform that empowers consumer electronic devices with first-person-view (FPV) capability as well as augmented reality (AR) gaming features. The core components of the SENSEPLAY platform include a series of universal remote controls, a standardized FPV module and a ready-to-use software development kit (SDK). Facilitated by all these components, SENSEPLAY fosters a community where hardware producers, game developers and consumer players can connect and interact.

Different from a conventional remote control that is paired with only one device or devices under a single manufacturer brand, the SENSEPLAY series of universal remote controls, SENSEPLAY surf and SENSEPLAY feel, can be integrated with a variety of devices from different manufacturer brands and customized through its KeyMap configuration mechanism. Device producers self-define the keys and buttons of SENSEPLAY surf based on how their devices, such as cars, drones or submarines, are operated.

With a standardized FPV module connecting remote controls and devices, SENSEPLAY empowers various remote-controlled devices with unparalleled FPV capability and provides device users with fresh perspectives to this world. Backed by a world-class ultra-long-range (a line-of-sight distance up to 15km) HD video transmission chipset, SENSEPLAY helps manufacturers to substantially boost the control range and video image quality of their devices, far beyond the performance of any existing FPV module in the market.

SENSEPLAY is also an ideal hub where mobile game developers can create and synchronize the next-generation AR gaming features for the SENSEPLAY-supported devices. An FPV-enabled remote control device sets a perfect environment for AR gaming applications, ranging from entertainment, e.g. driving, racing and shooting simulation, to outdoor education, e.g. wildlife identification. On top of the superior FPV module that vitalizes AR games, SENSEPLAY surf further raises the bar with its dual OLED screens, which offer more room to display AR gaming contents, as well as its high-performance acoustic/vibration units, which bring forth a truly immersive player experience.

Under the support of the SENSEPLAY platform, hardware producers can quickly integrate fantastic FPV capability to their devices, such as remote control cars, drones, underwater robots, home robots, smart skateboards, etc. while software developers can create customized AR games & mobile apps for those SENSEPLAY-supported devices. As the SENSEPLAY platform helps de-couple the hardware and software development processes, device producers, gaming developers and app designers are able to focus on their core skills and collaboratively bring the best user experience for consumers.

SENSEPLAY is not only an open platform for technology innovation, but also a united marketplace where all types of partner members can share channel resources and cross-promote products, anything from limited-edition gadgets to in-app purchase of game props. For startup companies with limited reach to consumers, SENSEPLAY is an ideal launch pad for their new products and a go-to-market shortcut. For those larger, market-leading players, SENSEPLAY offers them opportunities to expand product lines with best-of-breed functions and generate new revenue stream.

SENSEPLAY will be officially launched at CES 2018, January 9-12. Visitors are welcome to stop by the 1000-sq.ft. demo center located at Booth 43764, Sands A-D, where a number of SENSEPLAY core partners will jointly illustrate the technology architect as well as the collaboration model of SENSEPLAY. To add fun and give real experience, the SENSEPLAY team will also present FPV-enabled remote control cars racing on a 6-meter runway and an underwater robot livestreaming video image out of a miniature water tank, both of which can showcase how the SENSEPLAY platform works in sync with a variety of devices.

About Sensethink Technology

Sensethink Technology is built by a group of entrepreneurs with global vision. We are dedicated to exploring technology breakthroughs in the broad area of wireless communications and driving cross-over product innovations. We integrate sector know-how and industry resources across multiple technology domains, such as semiconductors, wireless communications, electronic design, software and hardware development, cloud computing, mobile Internet and AI, to bring forth unique products and solutions applicable in both business world and everyday consumer life.

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