Pico Technology Announces Details On Pico Neo

BEIJING, December 26, 2017

At a press conference held in their global headquarters in Beijing, Pico officially revealed the Pico Neo as the world’s first mass-produced standalone VR device with six degrees of freedom (6DoF) for both head and controllers. In addition, the company also revealed its expanded B2B VR Enterprise Solutions Program and first details of the Pico Zense, an all-new sub-brand with its first set of Time of Flight (TOF) depth sensor solutions and camera modules.

The Pico Neo is Pico’s latest generation of standalone VR headset. It features the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 835 Mobile VR Platform, adopts all-in-one ID design, uses lighter and more breathable cloth material, and is equipped with 3K high definition display, high-speed 4GB RAM, 64GB UFS2.0 ROM, supporting 256 GB expanded storage.

Thanks to the excellent performance of Snapdragon 835 Mobile VR Platform and new ultrasonic remote controller solution, the Pico Neo enables 6DoF head-and-controller tracking and positioning functions. Without any external sensors, the Pico Neo can track both head and hand (controller) movements. It is the world’s first VR standalone device that actualizes 6DoF head-and-controller tracking at a mass production scale.

Pico CEO, Mr. Hongwei Zhou, outlined how the Pico Neo uses Qualcomm Technologies’ Inside-Out 6DoF technology, optimizing the spatial positioning ability from the lower level of Snapdragon 835 Mobile VR Platform. Even using the positioning function for a long time will not affect Pico Neo’s gaming performance. The Pico Neo matches users’ actions perfectly, bringing the super immersive VR interactive experience to life.

The process of using the Pico Neo and controllers is very easy. Once the user powers on the headset, puts it on, and enters Pico UI launcher, the 6DoF function will start to scan the surrounding area and the controllers will be connected. The calibration will be completed after adjusting the position and posture to the correct direction. The user can easily move or dodge attacks in the virtual world, and operate complex game reactions such as bimanual operation. The Pico Neo rarely gets choppy or loses frames as it has been optimized for refresh rate and anti-interference.

Another important part of the conference was the demonstration of Pico’s B2B VR Enterprise Solutions Program. Although the company has been focusing on the Consumer market, it never stopped exploring applications within B2B industries. Pico established the Enterprise Program at the end of 2015 and after more than 2 years of R&D experience and exploration, the company has developed several industry application solutions based on Pico’s full line of hardware products.

Combined with industry VR content, Pico can provide industry clients with customized hardware, software, content and overall system solutions. At the conference, four sets of industry application demos were displayed for experience, involving education, VR Theaters, commercial displays and automobile.

In 2017, Pico’s B2B projects have reached over 200 businesses covering aerospace, education, commercial display, health care, real estate, insurance, automobile and other industries. The company has also cooperated with Toyota, Volkswagen, China life, Mengniu and other industry leaders.

In addition to new VR products, Pico also launched a new set of Pico Zense TOF depth sensor solutions – the DCAM100 and DCAM710 – as its core hardware products. The two camera modules are based on TOF technology and feature small form factors, economic power consumption, clear imaging, VGA standardized precision, and can be used in the range width from 0.2 meters to 8 meters.

Pico Zense’s hardware modules, the DCAM100 and DCAM710, are available for pre-order in the US and EU for qualified business customers and developers for $299.00. Pre-order at www.pico-interactive.com/zense

The Pico Neo is available for pre-order in the US and EU for qualified business customers and developers for $749.00. Pre-order at www.pico-interactive.com

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