Kingenta partners COMPO to globally promote the fertilizer reduced and efficiency enhanced technology

LINSHU, China, December 22, 2017

On December 18, “Efficiency Enhanced Fertilizer (EEF) Technology Research and Application Forum i.e. COMPO EEF Technology Introduction Conference” was held in Linshu, Shandong. Through whole-hearted cooperation between Chinese and German R&D teams, Kingenta partners COMPO to research and develop a new generation EEF technology in an innovative manner, which is launched to the whole world after verified through lots of tests in China, Germany, USA, Israel, Thailand, etc.

Zhai Jidong, vice president of Kingenta Group and president of COMPO hosted the conference and made an introduction. COMPO is a world leading horticulture service provider and special fertilizer supplier with a history of more than 60 years. With its sales networks spread all over the world, it builds outstanding reputation in the industry. It exclusively and legally holds such trademarks as “COMPO”, etc. and has over 20 well-known fertilizer brands. At the Conference, Dr. Bert Jaeger, director of specialty fertilizer of COMPO introduced the advantageous technologies of COMPO in detail, which have been tested in the field in several countries since 2016, with significant results. At present, technical products using NBPT, DMPP and biostimulant have been launched; in June 2018, the business of such fertilizers as new efficiency enhanced compound fertilizer, efficiency enhanced nitrate-based fertilizer and double-enhanced and double-controlled slow/controlled-release fertilizer will be launched globally.

After visiting the plant and listening to the report, experts praised innovative upgrading of the EEF technology led by Kingenta and COMPO and its ability to lead the industrial technological progress and promote fertilizer reduction, efficiency enhancement and green development.

Bai Ying, CEO of Kingenta said that Kingenta always highlights the technological innovation and is committed to promoting the industrial technological progress. During the “13th Five-Year”, Kingenta hosted or attended the research of 9 “double-reduction” projects and topics of the national key R&D program including “Research and Development of New Type Slow/Controlled Release and Stabilized Fertilizer” and will achieve new significant breakthrough in the technological innovation of new fertilizers. In July 2016, Kingenta acquired COMPO. Through whole-hearted cooperation between the Chinese and German R&D teams, adhering to the craftsmanship spirit of Made in Germany and taking the concept of “German technology, made in China and serving the world”, Kingenta researched and developed a new generation EEF technology and formed the complete nitrogen fertilizer efficiency enhanced scheme, phosphate fertilizer efficiency enhanced scheme, compound fertilizer efficiency enhanced scheme, etc. It will share technological innovation achievements with its peers, promote the industrial progress in terms of the product innovation, technological breakthrough, market development and agro-chemistry service through outputting technology, brand and services and serve agricultural development all over the world. In the future, Kingenta will strive to become a service leader in the industry.

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