iClick Interactive Launches Data Driven Business Intelligence Solutions

HONG KONG, May 21, 2018

iClick Interactive Asia Group Limited, a leading independent online marketing technology platform in China, today announced a strategic growth initiative to extend the Company’s business scope to providing business intelligence (BI) solutions based on big data analytics for enterprises. This is an important step for iClick Interactive as it invests in opportunities beyond its core programmatic marketing operations. Developing BI capabilities meets the latent needs of brands to maximize the value of their proprietary data and to gain actionable insight from such data.

Sammy Hsieh, CEO and Co-founder of iClick Interactive commented, “It is an exciting move for iClick Interactive to roll out this new capability and to provide such extended offerings. BI solution is the logical next stage for our brand partners to collate information that they are generating from different touchpoints and to develop a more sophisticated understanding of their customers. We are providing competitive BI solutions that improve enterprise decision-making and capture the opportunities represented by Smart Retail.”

iClick Interactive prepares to roll out this capability to a wider scope. The Company’s BI solutions have already been implemented in one of the largest Chinese retail chains, which operates across over 30 cities. The solutions possess the following potential and features:

– Integration of online and offline data: Data from both online and offline sources is integrated into the cloud-based BI platform, to allow seamless omni-channel customer management. This includes, amongst others, proprietary data collected from CRM, mobile shopping app, Wechat account, Wechat micro-app. The extensive integration of data allows a more in-depth understanding and segmentation of customers from a 360-degree profile of users.
– Drive retail and sales decisions: Data analysis drives precise and real-time business decisions like store expansions, product selection and offerings for targeted customer segments as well as personalized customer services. iClick Interactive also provides LBS (Location-based Services) to target potential customers within 5km of a client’s physical stores, attracting more traffic and enabling other marketing triggers.
– Establishment of Data-Management Platform: Putting in place a DMP delivers a seamless omni-channel and personalized shopping experience, covering both online and offline to meet the trends of Smart Retail.

Building on this successful first implementation in retail space, iClick Interactive plans to extend their BI solutions to other vertical sectors such as education, autos and government departments to meet their specific industry needs.

About iClick Interactive

iClick Interactive Asia Group Limited is an independent online marketing technology platform that connects worldwide marketers with audiences in China. Built on cutting-edge technologies, our proprietary platform possesses omni-channel marketing capabilities and fulfills various marketing objectives in a data-driven and automated manner, helping both international and domestic marketers reach their target audiences in China. Headquartered in Hong Kong, iClick Interactive was established in 2009, currently operating in eight locations worldwide including Asia and London.

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