World’s First House-Sharing Industry Association Established in China

BEIJING, May 16, 2018

The House-Sharing Association, the world’s first exchange and research committee in the industry, was established on May 15 in Beijing by, Airbnb China and the State Information Center of China National Development and Reform Commission. The association officially released “House-Sharing Industry Advocacy” and initiated the development of house-sharing industry standards.

The association calls on house-sharing companies to work with Chinese government for legal regulation; take trust and safety as core industry value, ensure users’ personal and property safety, enhance privacy and personal information protection, innovate and advance smart check-in and safety management system; create fair and benign competition atmosphere, proactively resist improper competition behaviors, firmly reject unsustainable malignant competition behaviors like money-burning and subsidies; and gradually promote standardization and normalization of service process, quality control and dispute processing, actively work with government agencies to clarify right-responsibility relationship among vendors, landlords and tenants. The Advocacy calls on the government to explore regulation and services like reporting and registration in line with the characteristics of house-sharing industry on the basis of encouraging innovation, inclusiveness and discretion.

The association also initiated the development of China’s first house-sharing industry standards. Referring to the practice of and Airbnb in data security, trading rules, credit system and risk control, the team will work with relevant experts to produce a standard document regulating house-sharing companies. The standard is expected to be released by the end of 2018.

Xu Changming, deputy director of the State Information Center, said he hopes the association to play a role in driving Chinese government’s regulation of house-sharing industry and become a platform for all stake holders in the industry to exchange thoughts and ideas.

Chen Chi, CEO of, called for companies to take bigger responsibility to drive the sharing of industry data and blacklists. He also mentioned that has put into use of the latest smart door lock system with built-in face recognition and various other smart technologies to work with the police system and further enhance users’ personal and property safety.

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