Haier Rebrands as Global Leading Smart Home Solution Platform for IoT Era

SHANGHAI, March 7, 2018

Chinese home appliance giant Haier, the world’s No.1 appliance brand, will showcase the stellar performance of its six major global sub-brands ahead of the opening of the 2018 Appliances & Electronics World Expo (2018 AWE) in Shanghai, Haier accelerating the initial success of its global outreach during the new IoT era through providing customized and popularized of smart home solution, by which to build a portfolio of world-renowned brands that herald the new Internet of Things (IoT) era of smart home solutions. The event will take place at Shanghai Expo Center.

Announced a year ago, Haier’s multi-brand marketing strategy has seen the company coordinate the development of its six major brands including GE Appliances in the United States, Fisher & Paykel in New Zealand, and AQUA in Japan, along with home-grown brands Haier, Casarte and Leader. Now, all models under all brands will be able to integrate into a smart home using Haier’s Smart Home Solution products.

“It’s not difficult for Haier to excel in one segment, but dominating in all fields across our entire brand line-up is a feat,” said Li Huagang, Haier Group Vice President and China Chief Marketing Officer. “All of our efforts to make Haier’s brands higher-end, smarter, and more popular among communities have paid off.”

The transition from a single-brand strategy has achieved remarkable results over the past year, with global revenue up 20 percent to RMB 241.9 billion, operating profit up 41 percent, and a global market share of 10.5 percent.

Synchronized growth of Haier’s six major brands has laid a solid foundation for the group to become a global leader in home appliances and a pioneer in smart homes. The strategy is built on the back of Haier’s strength in hardware, solutions and smart technologies, which stems from Haier’s global R&D and manufacturing capabilities.

The same concept applies to all aspects of maintaining a smart household with the Solution, and with advanced data support, it can pay attention to the smallest details and sense the needs of users, including things like recipe recommendations and air flow regulation.

About Haier

Haier, the world’s No.1 Major Appliances brand with a 10.5% volume market share. Currently, the Group’s brands include Haier, Casarte, Leader from PRC, GE Appliances from U.S, AQUA from Japan, Fisher & Paykel from New Zealand. Each brand has its own market position and provides smart home experiences for users. Haier Group boasts 66 trading companies, 10 R&D Centers, 108 manufacturing bases and 24 innovative industrial parks with more than 73,000 employees across the world. Haier Group builds a global selling network comprised of 143,300 sales outlets spanning more than 160 countries. The Haier Group’s global revenues of 2017 were 241.9 billion RMB, with year-on-year growth of 20%. Haier is today the world’s leading brand of major household appliances and is now transforming from a traditional manufacturer to an open entrepreneurship platform. Haier will extend its ecosystem to social networks and community economies while building the smart home ecosystem, continuously enhancing the user value of Haier products and services, to provide interconnect smart home experiences and qualitied products globally.

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