FormulA Launches its First Stop in Asian-Pacific Region

SHANGHAI, May 25, 2018

Formula, a brand committed to putting real assets on blockchain, recently held their first successful project launch on the Bund for the Asia-Pacific Region. Over 100 guests from the global blockchain industry were in attendance. FormulA’s global partner David Brown, Director of FormulA Asia-Pacific Foundation Stephen, the founder of renowned blockchain project titled ‘Influence Chain’ of the famous blockchain project Influence Chain along with the founding partner of Atlas Capital Rain also attended.

FormulA is the global leader in putting assets on blockchain. As such, it has endeavored to develop the first real asset value exchange platform on a global scale using this new form of technology. This is designed to achieve efficient and effective transactions while eliminating transaction fraud and protecting the privacy of individuals engaging in transactions involving both tangible and intangible assets on blockchain. FormulA’s global partner David Brown confirmed as much in his opening speech, “The main concern of FormulA is how it will adapt to the demands of the time so as to create a more efficient and safe asset trading environment.”

He revealed that the current blockchain technology is still relatively novel and immature, meaning the majority of concerns of the market are contingent on the technology itself. “Any technology needs to be implemented, and the asset trading field is the optimal setting for the adoption of blockchain technology. The future potential applications of FormulA is littered with possibilities”.

“FormulA is a dedicated blockchain that will establish a tamper-proof distributed ledger using new asymmetric encryption technology and decentralized system. This will permit participants in the asset market to complete registration and transaction with little concern for their safety and integrity.” David also noted that their ultimate goal was to establish a trustworthy asset value exchange network.

FormulA Asia Pacific Foundation Director Stephen noted that FormulA will direct its attention towards the registration of assets and transactions following the launch of its main network. This will be in the domains of real estate and financial assets. At the same time, Stephen also outlined the technical architecture of FormulA’s main chain along with the interactive interface of DAPP 1.0, and answered many detailed questions in the process.

At the launch of the project, FormulA came to terms on a strategic cooperation agreement with Influence Chain, the well-regarded blockchain project. Both sides anticipate a positive relationship which will extend their respective advantages in terms of research and development, global project operations and integration of industrial resources among other things.

About FormulA

FormulA is a leading blockchain project aiming to build a reliable Internet of Asset (IoA) which can be deployed to register and exchange the value of real assets. Based on the “Asset Digitalization Protocol”, FormulA provides a universal solution for asset digitalization and reforms the status quo of the entire asset market. We can also empower financial institutions to increase their efficiency while decreasing potential cost and risk.

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