DressLily seeks new positioning in lifestyle products

SHENZHEN, China, May 14, 2018

As the competition becomes more and more intense in e-commerce, DressLily is starting to adjust market positioning to find its core advantage and new growth. By continuously expanding offerings to all new product categories for homeware products, DressLily is aiming to become the one-stop household online solution for all the housewives and mums.

Starting with its clothing business, DressLily enhanced its market in the e-commerce industry. Over the last few months, DressLily launched new product lines in kitchenware, mother & baby, and decorations to provide an all-round shopping platform for households at an affordable price.

“DressLily has decided to continue expanding its homeware offerings,” says Karen, operation director of DressLily. “When we think of DressLily, we will think of a place where housewives and mums can get clothes and daily-used homeware for the whole family. Our mission is to build a lifestyle hub for creative living.”

Over the last few months, home furnishing products on DressLily is increasing steadily, some of which has received considerable positive feedback from consumers. Highlights among the coming season’s new items include novelty utensils and creative floor decals that extend the DressLily mantra “Dress to Express” to homes in a stylish and creative way.

Tessa, a DressLily fan, shared her story: “On Mothers’ Day, I was really surprised and happy that I received some very cute decoration gifts from my daughter. While I was sitting on the couch and enjoying the cozy moment of my own, I realized this is really what I am expecting everyday.” According to her, checking out new products on DressLily becomes a daily joy, “On DressLily, I feel that I start to make magic happen, and all the little things we are not bothered to do to make every day count.”

DressLily advocates and helps modern women to discover details that can make life better. Striving to grow together with all the female consumers, DressLily will continue to provide better service and expanding categories of quality products.

About DressLily

DressLily is a leading international online fashion clothing and accessory store. Focusing on the very latest in affordable fashion styles, and extensive range of high quality, creative homeware offerings. It features thousands of the newest product lines, providing maximum choice and convenience to a discerning clientele.

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