Cogobuy Supports Unisound in Release of World’s First AIoT Chip

HONG KONG, May 17, 2018

Cogobuy Group, a leading e-commerce platform serving the electronics manufacturing industry in China, is pleased to announce the Company’s cooperative partner, Beijing Unisound Information Technology Co., Limited, a China’s leading IoT and AI services provider, releases Swift, the World’s first AIoT chip. Unisound owns the sole IP rights to the new chip, and has already deployed it into its UniOne IoT and AI Chip Solutions business, marking a milestone in the development of its Yunduanxin (Cloud Terminal Chip) ecosystem. The new chip will help accelerate the growth of the new AIoT ecosystem, originally launched by Baidu and IngDan.

The Group’s IngDan platform, a long term strategic partner with Unisound, is focusing on the sustainable build out of an AIoT ecosystem. With Unisound, IngDan has been working closely with the company in the development of its new AIoT chip, and has also provided related hardware supply chain services. Unisound’s latest AIoT Chip with its own patented technology, supports deep learning with a 50x increased performance compared with other AI chips on the market. The rationality of products and user scenarios have been tested in the markets of home appliances, smart speakers, and children’s robots based on the shipment scheme of IMV would have reached one million level.

In future, to best account for costs, stability, and integration in AIoT’s diversified product categories, the IngDan Lab will use its ability in the provision of AI solutions to assist Unisound in developing solutions for the IoT vertical application. IngDan will also promote the new chip to projects on its platform, and in the near term, both companies have indicated that they will jointly focus on the development of the smart speakers’ product category.

Mr. Jeffrey Kang, CEO of Cogobuy Group, said, “IngDan’s partnership with Unisound has been mutually beneficial. Unisound’s core expertise lies in AI technology, while IngDan’s strength is in helping the AI technology companies in the production and launch of their products. We are pleased to be supporting Unisound’s new leading chips and facilitating their launch into China’s IoT market. Looking ahead, we will focus on building an AIoT closed circuit, and facilitating the growth of the AIoT industry in China.”

Dr. Huang Wei, CEO of Unisound, said, “UniOne has now entered mass production, Unisound is pleased at our progress with Cogobuy towards our Yunduanxin strategic closed ecosystem. Unisound will continue our efforts to grow and support China’s AIoT industry with our full-stack solutions. Working with IngDan, we aim to expand our foothold in AI-powered products and service, promoting the realization of ‘Smart Future’ as we work together to build an integrated new industrial ecosystem.”

About Cogobuy Group

Cogobuy Group is an e-commerce service platform serving the electronics manufacturing industry in China. Through the e-commerce platform, which includes a direct sales platform, an online marketplace, and a dedicated team of technical consultants and professional sales representatives, the Company provides customers with comprehensive online and offline services across pre-sale, sale, and post-sale stages. The Company serves mainly SME electronics manufacturers.

About the IngDan AIoT Ecosystem

The IngDan AIoT Ecosystem is an industrial empowerment plan initiated by the tech companies like Baidu and Unisound. Since the Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) launched the “China Smart Home Innovation Industry Ecosystem” with Unisound in 2017, leading AI tech companies, such as IngDan and Unisound, have joined forces to grow the IngDan Lab’s capabilities. The industrialization of AI chips has prompted their rapid mass production and smart upgrades of over 20,000 IoT projects on the IngDan Platform, as well as the transformation of China’s IoT industry.

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