The new China Overseas Tourism Promotion Website is officially launched in seven languages

BEIJING, December 26, 2017

For the purpose of accommodating to the changes and development of the international situation, China’s Belt and Road Initiative was proposed in 2013 for joint development of the countries in the region. In the four years of construction, Belt and Road Initiative has received wide response, support and participation from over a hundred countries and international organizations. China, as an important country along the Belt and Road with rich tourism resources and profound culture, has attracted a large number of international visitors.

In order to offer international visitors a service platform with more comprehensive and useful tourism information, China National Tourism Administration decided to upgrade “China – Beyond Your Imagination” China Overseas Tourism Promotion Website. After over six months of elaborate preparation, the new website is officially launched in seven languages (simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Korean and Russian) for the world to see China beyond imagination from a new aspect.

The new official website has made breakthroughs on the content, page design and user experience:

1. Content: Creating new columns based on the need of users

According to the travel preference and habit of international visitors, five columns (Characteristic Themes, Exploring China, Travel Map, Useful Information and Latest News) are designed for the new website. Inside there are information on the ten international itineraries of China, places to go, delicious Chinese food, folk-customs and festivals, themed activities and travel guide. “China – Beyond Your Imagination” China Overseas Tourism Promotion Website has become a useful travel service platform customized for overseas users.

2. Page design: High-end, concise, international standards

At present, most international tourism websites use high resolution images as homepage image. China Overseas Tourism Promotion Website keeps in step with the trend by selecting high resolution photos to fully present the unique image of China’s tourism destinations. The website also chooses colors wisely by using high saturation images and matching colors to establish the world-class official tourism website.

3. User experience: Focus on interactive experience and create a mobile website at the same time

To offer users the best viewing experience, a new column named “Travel Map” is designed. Thirty-one popular destinations of China are presented on a map for users to click and enter the page for more information. Meanwhile, in order to meet the need of viewing information online at anytime and anywhere, a multi-lingual mobile website of China Overseas Tourism Promotion Website is designed for global mobile users.

As the Chinese version of China Overseas Tourism Promotion Website went online at the end of April 2017, the English version was published at the beginning of May 2017 while other versions went online in succession. After nearly two months of operation, the content on the website has become more abundant. Search engine visibility of the website has reached 6,540 with 29,400 backward chaining, 21,388 daily page visits and 12,857 IP and 12,767 user visits per day.

In the future, China Overseas Tourism Promotion Website will offer more interesting and useful travel information regularly to show the China beyond imagination in a more original and interactive way.

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