ADAMA’s Global R&D Center Launches Operations in Nanjing

BEIJING, January 11, 2018

Global crop protection group ADAMA, the combination of Adama Agricultural Solutions Ltd. and Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd., yesterday inaugurated its state-of-the-art R&D Center in Nanjing.

The new R&D Center complements ADAMA’s operational hub in China, which includes its new formulation facility in Huai’An and Sanonda facilities in Jingzhou. Together with ADAMA’s advanced operational hub in Israel, the new Center is a cornerstone for positioning ADAMA as the world’s leading Global-China crop protection company. ADAMA’s customers will benefit from the best of Chinese and Israeli R&D, formulation and manufacturing, which will allow the Company to bring differentiated products to farmers around the world quickly and efficiently.

Nanjing is China’s life science and bio-tech focal point, facilitating the joining of the country’s best talent and operate in proximity to its leading universities. The Center now employs a team of 30 professionals including Ph.D. scientists and other experts, and will continue to grow. The Center’s activities include developing new products and formulations, improving existing manufacturing processes, and supporting several functions in China, including registration, marketing, sales and supply chain.

Commenting on the launch of research activities, Dr. Elad Shabtai, VP of Innovation, Development, Research, and Regulatory Affairs at ADAMA, noted: “Creating simplicity for farmers, ADAMA’s main mission, means our chemists need to address complex challenges before products reach the market. The outstanding team at our new R&D Centre, together with the team in Israel and throughout the globe, are uniquely positioned to achieve this goal.”

Mr. An Liru, SVP of China Cluster at ADAMA, noted, “Our new global R&D Center will act as a key pillar supporting ADAMA’s commercial and operational activities in China, streamlining processes and boosting effectiveness and productivity.”

About the Combined Company

The Combined Company, which will be named ADAMA, is comprised of Adama Agricultural Solutions Ltd. and Hubei Sanonda Ltd., and is one of the world’s leading crop protection companies. We strive to Create Simplicity in Agriculture – offering farmers effective products and services that simplify their lives and help them grow.

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