2018 China Innovation and entrepreneurship Fair is About to Launch

GUANGZHOU, China, May 22, 2018

New momentum of innovation leads to new transcendence. On 22-24 June, 2018 China Innovation and entrepreneurship Fair (hereinafter referred to as CIEF) will be officially held in Guangzhou, lending an impetus to build a modern socialist country in all aspects.

CIEF, the No. 1 whole-chain platform for the transaction and transformation of innovation achievements, will wholeheartedly support independent innovation in China’s core technologies and breakthroughs in the key technologies, and provide an exchange platform for innovation teams for good. The core technologies are the backbone of a nation, while technological innovation is at the core of national development as a whole. CIEF is a vital practice of Guangzhou to carry out the innovation-driven development strategies, and help pioneer the national independent innovation demonstration area in the Pearl Delta. Further, it is an important move to optimize the innovation and entrepreneurship environment, and build a national innovation center for the science and technology industry and an international hub for technological innovation.

Guangzhou is striving to be the forefront of technological innovation and industrial development through the breakthroughs in the core technologies and the convergence of innovative resources around the world.

The national trade fair gets the power of momentum

One year ago, CIEF, this state-approved country-level trade fair, was officially settled in Guangzhou and becomes a window for the world to see Guangzhou’s vitality in innovation and entrepreneurship and the prosperity of China’s new economy. CIEF 2017 exhibited over 1300 achievements with technological innovation and has facilitated the intent of cooperation for 160 projects throughout the year, 63 projects among which have been completed with the dealing price as high as 6285.84 million Yuan.

On the strength of the experience accumulated from the past two fairs, CIEF 2018 is set to launch again. It is reported that CIEF 2018, themed with “New Momentum of Innovation Leads to New Transcendence”, is sponsored by the China Association for Science and Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Central Committee of Jiusan Society, the People’s Government of Guangdong Province and the People’s Government of Guangzhou. By taking unique advantages of each sponsor in terms of innovation and entrepreneurship, Guangzhou gives full play to its roles of a “Millennium city of Commerce”, “the Engine of Innovation” and the hub of international technological innovation. Additionally, this market-oriented fair, featuring all-round services, aims to promote effective interaction between the technology market and the capital market, preciously balance the technologies supply with the industrial demands, and facilitate the smooth transformation of technological achievements for industrial application by means of transactions, exhibition and the transformation of achievements.

CIEF 2018 is planned to cover an area of 20,000 m2 with about 20 innovation and entrepreneurship exhibition areas for over 1,000 products and projects. At that time, valuable resources are accessible, such as innovation and entrepreneurship projects, technologies, capital, talents and information from home and abroad like the United States, Germany, Korea, Finland, Norway and Israel, will meet in Guangzhou. During CIEF 2018, these elements of innovation and entrepreneurship could be efficiently blending under the context of globalization, while new technologies and new industry could settle down and begin to grow. We hope that this CIEF would be the “Main Venue” to connect the world and adsorb global innovation resources, a window for China to display herself and an important platform for different countries to strengthen world-wide cooperation.

Take a global view to build the value chain and enjoy yourself in CIEF 2018

Both national support and global view are essential to innovation and entrepreneurship, so we need to keep pace with the state’s innovation and blend into the global innovation network. Overall, besides national support, we shall get on board the international “Expressway” for innovation and entrepreneurship. All the resources on the “Trading Chain”, namely, innovation and entrepreneurship projects, technologies, capital, talents and information from various regions – including Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and other provinces and cities, especially in South China – are converging at CIEF 2018, which will work as a new medium for open, hub or platform-based international innovation and entrepreneurship.

In addition, CIEF 2018 will promote a fusion of technological projects to meet industrial demands and the transformation of achievements, so as to be a well-known exhibition. The main activities of CIEF 2018 consist of the launching ceremony, exhibition and display, transformation activities, forums and salons, a pageant for innovation and entrepreneurship, road show promotion, innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, the release of innovative products, and the appraisal and selection activities of Top 50 incubators and Top 20 industrial parks in South China – all to be held during the same period.

CIEF 2018 will be really appealing, featuring the exhibition area for innovative brands of auto technologies including Xiaopeng Motors, Pony.ai, JingChi.ai, etc., the exhibition area for innovative and open platforms including zbj.com, BOE, etc., the exhibition area for intelligent health and biomedicine including Guangzhou International Bioisland, Youvi Bio-technology, LIVALL, etc., the exhibition area for top-talent achievements, where the academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering and the experts team of “1,000 Talents Plan” are invited, and the “Future Unicorn” exhibition area including the post-investment service teams of well-known risk investment organizations at home and abroad. Moreover, AIworld exhibition area, the new generation IT exhibition area, VR/AR exhibition area, the robot exhibition area, the exhibition area for international innovation and entrepreneurship will be also set up at the fair.

As introduced by the sponsors, CIEF 2018 will organize about 20 forums and competitions in diversified forms, for instance, keynote speeches, specific reports, round table discussion, academician speeches, expert dialogues and founder’s presentation – all to help audience access to new trend of industries from various dimensions. Specifically, leaders from China Association for Science and Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Central Committee of Jiusan Society, the People’s Government of Guangdong Province and the People’s Government of Guangzhou will be in the presence of the launching ceremony of China Innovation and entrepreneurship Fair and the Summit of Future Technology. Additionally, sub-forums will focus on such themes as smart journey, artificial intelligence (AI) and future technologies, digital economy, incubator and talent management, innovative services, just to name a few, 2018 Venture Capital Round Table Summit, Automotive Technological Innovation Forum, and You’re the Next: the Founder’s Speech. Moreover, Global finals of Global Mobile Internet Creative Development Competition sponsored by the International Data Group (IDG) will continue to be held during the Fair, where excellent pioneering teams from China, the United States, South Korea, Norway, Finland and other countries and regions will have road show competition together.

When technological innovation runs into the market economy, when the millennium city of commerce meets CIEF, what kinds of core technologies will strike a pose on the stage of CIEF 2018? Which fields of innovation and entrepreneurship will be focused? Who will be selected as Top 50 incubators and Top 20 industrial parks in China? Will the deals closed reach a new historical high? There is a bigger space for imagination at CIEF 2018. In the context of a new era of economic development in China, CIEF 2018 will for sure promote the prosperity of innovation and entrepreneurship in Guangzhou, bring about the restructuring and upgrading of the Pearl Delta, accelerate the country-level breakthroughs in core technologies and ignite the spark of innovation development.

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